Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

Lehigh University South Side Initiative - man climbing

The South Side Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture Working Group has several related aims. We enable residents of South Bethlehem and members of the Lehigh community to gain access to convenient, inexpensive plots of land for gardening. By fostering community gardens, we aim to increase access to high quality, affordable fruit and vegetables on the South Side. Through the cultivation of these gardens, we promote forms of community that will encourage new patterns of social interaction and integration, and enable all of us to learn more about our neighbors. Through the expansion of the gardens – and through related educational programming in South Side public schools and at Lehigh – the gardens project fosters several kinds of knowledge: about environmental sustainability, about healthy eating, about the many challenges facing local and global systems of food production, and about the rich and varied food ways of our diverse community. Finally, as the gardens project expands, we hope that urban agriculture may ultimately provide employment opportunities and new sources of income for people living and working on the South Side.
We are already supporting several community gardens on the South Side, both on and off campus. For more information about how to get involved, please contact the SSI Community Gardens Manager at .
Lehigh University also offers courses on urban agriculture and food justice during the school year.  If you would like more information about these courses, please contact Dr. Karen Beck-Pooley at  .
If you would like information on the Greenway Native Plants Project, which is located in the Esperanza Community Garden, please click here
This year the Community Gardens Working Group will be developing the Esperanza Garden on the Greenway, working with students, faculty, and staff to advance a self-financing campus farm on the Goodman Campus, and creating additional infrastructure at the  Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Garden on Carleton Street.